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The Chrome extension for YouTube creators.

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What is Tipp?

Well here's something: People already watch your videos. Some of those people decide they really like one in particular, but the most they can do for you is just a click of the Like button. Why can't there be an opportunity to give more than just internet points? Introducing Tipp, the Chrome extension that benefits all content creators by enabling one-time, audience donations on videos without ever having to leave the page.

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Combats video demonetization

Tipp enables the crowdsourcing of supplemental income from those who appreciate your content the most, but who don't necessarily want to commit to a recurring donation model like Patreon. Whether a contribution is $1 or $100, every bit matters from your audience- especially if you're a smaller channel struggling to meet the new watch-hour requirements for video monetization.


Simplifies donation integration

After creating an account, Tipp users will see a donation button on all video pages of channels whose owners have taken the additional step of connecting these channels, as well as a Stripe account, to their own Tipp account. In order to enable donations on your own videos, simply log in with the extension and click the connect buttons within your Tipp dashboard.


Encourages audience altruism

Have you ever watched a video and caught yourself feeling a sense of respect for the work that went into making it? You might click the Like button, you might leave a comment, but in the end, attention spans are short, and so it's always on to the next one. Instead of watching this happen to you, let Tipp encourage that momentary sense of wanting to give to your work by providing an opportunity to contribute something more.

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